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Jason D McKean, Denise Crosby, Charlie Dry

Jason D. McKean, Denise Crosby, and astronaut Charlie Dry.

Jason D McKean, Anita Bryant, Ted Johnson, Denise Crosby, Charlie Dry

Jason D. McKean, Anita Bryant, Ted Johnson of the Boy Scouts of America, Star Trek’s Denise Crosby, and astronaut Charlie Dry in the Redskin Room, UMAC  Tulsa OK, June 28, 2009.

BREAKFAST WITH THE STARS Sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America, consisted of a photo session with Denise or Charlie, a yummy breakfast sponsored by Chick-Fil-A (thank you, Arthur), a talk and Q&A with Denise, and then by Charlie, and a private screening of Grease Trek to wrap it up.

Denise Crosby getting grilled by the fans at 8AM for the Breakfast With The Stars.

- 3 tables sponsored by Boy Scouts of America

Ace Jackalope -- adventurer, cultural investigator and  'lope-about-town, sniffing out the UFF Frank & Frys.

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Classic Trek - Federation and Klingons, together over the common need for fast food.

Even green Orion slave women desire their fast food.

Ta-dah! Debra and the UFF Frank & Frys.

Richard is welcomed aboard the UFF Frank & Frys.

Jason stands before the splendor of the Delicious Franks and Golden Frys.

Mr Spork and his coveted award. Many a viewer has commented on how sorry they feel for him in the movie ...

Look sharp, cadets! This is the UFF Frank & Frys you’ve been recruited to stand in front of.

Sure it starts with just an innocent tugging at the fries, and then Christei can’t help herself.

Dianna Holland, Massage Therapist. She made sure that stars and convention goers were stress-free thru the magic of massage and ready to tackle the important tasks of the weekend. PLUS - she knitted some cozy slippers for a select few, Jason being one of them. A pair of manly gray “chain mail” slippers. Here he is below wearing them while relaxing at home.

Check out Dianna’s website and hire her
for your next event. She has magical hands!

Q ponders his role in the Grease Trek universe.

KEPL’aCH!! (the sound one makes in Klingon when fast food goes down the windpipe ...)

Posing with the UFF Frank & Frys.

Of course, Yoda AND Batman entering into the Grease Trek universe. There is a weird logic to it all.

And posing proudly with the UFF Frank & Frys.

Who you gonna’ call to clean up the Borg menace?!?

Snapping a pic of the many snapping pics.

Posing Boldly ...

and posing stoicly ...

... and there’s Star Wars again. How did they get past the guards at a Star Trek Convention?!?!?

The winner of the best costume award (did I say “the winner”, oops sorry, my mistake, still it was very bold in it’s simplicity ...)

Again, a relative calm pose and then ... HE STRIKES!

Scoutmaster Ted and Voyager’s Garrett Wang

Ted “Lord of the Scouts” Johnson, Bobby “The Gorn Captain” Clark and Jason “ZZ Top Lookalike Guy” McKean.

Astronaut and NASA specialist Charlie Dry inspecting the UFF Frank & Frys. Tense moments before the final decision, will it be ready for liftoff ?!?
More importantly, will Charlie want to head up the mission?

Jason McKean and Denise Crosby

“Thank you everybody for making Trek Expo Tulsa
a fun and memorable experience.”

Grease Trek

GREASE TREK, the 45-minute DVD available online for a $9.99.

Pics of 40th Anniversary Star Trek Las Vegas 2006