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Grease Trek
Grease Trek DVD
Grease Trek DVD

Join the crew of the UFF Frank & Frys --

Manager Cook, Spork, Mopboy and the other loyal members,
as they serve beyond the call of duty and save their fast-food
universe -- one hungry customer at a time.

Intense drama, action-packed fight scenes,
and high-cholesterol fun meals make Grease Trek
the most unusual Trek adventure of them all!

* * * * *

“I really enjoyed Grease Trek.
Of course, Tott was my favorite.”
-- Chris Doohan

“Just saw Grease Trek for the first time
yesterday and I laughed my @$$ off.
If you love Star Trek: TOS and parody
you are in for an excellent time.”
-- Ed Furbee, WIOJ radio

Grease Trek DVD

MKP64 - $9.99


45 minutes, all region,
sold US domestically
and internationally

Bubo Productions Presents A McKean Bros. Film

Grease Trek

Starring Michael Bayouth, Commodore James, Tim Coston, Brandy Bourdeaux, William Tae Smith,
Yolie St Villien, Ben Bayouth, Laurence Frank, Brian Murray, Scott Alexander & Daniel V. Shannon
Written by Jason D McKean & Scott McKean • Produced by Scott McKean
Directed by Jason D McKean

© 2005 Bubo Productions. Star Trek and related images are copyrights and trademarks of
Paramount Pictures. The present work is authorized under current U.S. copyright law.

* * * BONUS PHOTOS * * *

40th Anniversary STAR TREK Las Vegas 2006

20th Anniversary TREK EXPO Tulsa 2009

Grease Trek Photo Gallery

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