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Let's Read Tarot
An Ongoing Monday Night Series with
Jason D McKean

$10 per person
- On-going Mondays, 2020 -
7pm to 9pm at
The Virtual Vortex on ZOOM

An ongoing 2-hour class in which
you will learn about the:

• Overview of the Tarot
• Major and Minor Arcana
• Intuitive Reading Styles
• Your relationship to your Guides and Masters
• and so much more

Thank you for checking out this class offering. I have read the Tarot for many years and for thousands of people, and have a deep respect for the power of the cards. The Tarot can help us understand where we're at in a given moment and help open ourselves up to a higher potential in life.

Let's Read Tarot is a supportive environment for being in sync with this method of divination. This class is both informational and experiential, and you will have opportunities to tap into your own psychic abilities and share in a safe, productive environment.

Although I use the Wizard's Tarot for my personal readings, I will use the popular Rider-Waite Tarot for the class examples. We also use decks that speak to you for our group readings.

Whether you're looking to learn the Tarot for fun, or for a career, Let's Read Tarot will be just the class to steer you in the right direction.

The Vortex is located on ZOOM. The cost for this ongoing two-hour evening class Let's Read Tarot is $10 per evening.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I hope to be able to be of assistance in the future. CONTACT INFO

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"Wizards Tarot" by Llewellyn Worldwide

All psychic readings are kept confidential and are for entertainment purposes only.

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