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Journaling Notebook
The Wizard's Tarot Journal
The 3-Card Spread

By Jason D McKean

Bring Your 3-Card Tarot Readings to Life!

This is not just ANY notebook to keep a record of your readings, this Tarot Journal created by the Tarot Wizard is infused with Magical Intention and Love. Inside this book, the 3-Card readings are explained in a way that will FREE YOU UP to become the Tarot Reader you always wanted to be.

You will choose how to see the patterns that are falling in place, and use your intuition along with your knowledge of the cards to give your readings. If you are a new reader, this Tarot Journal will help you build your confidence in this Mystical Artform. Enjoy the Path as it unfolds before you!

Jason D McKean, the Tarot Wizard, has read for thousands of people around the world, in all kinds of environments. He reads and teaches online weekly classes, and has hosted and been a guest on many podcasts. Jason is the author of "Magic Channel Tarot Reading with the Tarot Wizard."

The Wizard's Tarot Journal
150 pages, ISBN-9798445386223,

6" x 9" Trade-size Paperback ......... $12.12 US.

To order a copy of the paperback at AMAZON,
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