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The Wizard's Handbook
Magic Channel Tarot Reading
with the Tarot Wizard

Secrets, Truths, Tips & Tricks

By Jason D McKean

I was told to write a book about Tarot. By students, colleagues, friends, family. I didn't know what to write. Until it hit me ... write what you know!

And I do know Tarot. Not in the clinical or historical sense. But in the practical ways of reading, from the psychic salt mines to the party trenches. Meeting new faces, reading in new places. I have read for thousands of people in all kinds of environments. I hope this book has the spirit of a reader who knows how to read, who loves to read, who challenges themself to read on deeper levels, and that it carries through to you, and helps you to be inspired in your Tarot reading.

Areas covered include * The right types of questions to ask, * Connecting with your Spiritual Source, * What querents are really asking, * Strengthening your intuition, * Having a relationship with the Tarot that works for you, * and so much more.

I wrote this book in a way that you can read it all the way through, or you can pick it up and turn to any page, and use it like an oracle or meditation page. Make the best of your relationship with the Tarot!

Magic Channel Tarot Reading with the Tarot Wizard
108 pages, ISBN-9798746472885, ......... $11.33 US.

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