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Let's Read Tarot
An Ongoing Monday Night Series with
Jason D McKean

7pm to 9pm on ZOOM

Let's Read Tarot is a great opportunity to be in sync with this method of divination. This class is both informational and experiential, and you will have opportunities to tap into your own psychic abilities and share in a safe, productive environment.

Whether you're looking to learn the Tarot for fun, or for a career, Let's Read Tarot will be just the class to steer you in the right direction.

Join us on ZOOM. The cost for this Monday ongoing two-hour evening class Let's Read Tarot is $10 per evening.

Email me at jasondmckean@yahoo.com or text me at 424-351-5085 for payment and Zoom link info or other questions.

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"Wizards Tarot" by Llewellyn Worldwide

All psychic readings are kept confidential and are for entertainment purposes only.

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Jason D McKean

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