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Jason D McKean

Jason D McKean (aka The Wizard, Tarot Wizard, Reverend Wizard, OMdog Wizard) has been heard as the voice of OM Chants on albums and in meditations that have sold over a million copies worldwide. His albums include OM SANCTUARY, 108 SACRED OMs, OM ETERNITY and OM SERENITY.

Born into a family of psychics and ministers, Jason is a professional Tarot card reader, and offers intuitive counseling using the Wizard Tarot deck. He has read for thousands of people, in shops, parties, events, aboard the Queen Mary, and also teaches the Tarot to students, both online and live in large cities like Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Oakland, Las Vegas and amazing intimate communities in Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo and other cities. His weekly radio show "Wizard Talk" discusses the Tarot and highlights a different guest intent on manifesting their goals in the world.

Jason is a registered member of the International Hypnosis Federation and conducts both group and individual Past-Life Regressions. Your past becomes your future, until you heal it in the present. The individual regressions are conducted live, either at the Vortex or at the many stores that he works at.

As an ordained minister through Universal Life Church, Jason is able to perform marriage ceremonies, for more information go to Weddings and read more about it.

Go to the Contact section to find out how you can connect with Jason on social media -- from Facebook and Instagram, to Twitter and Periscope.

Through OMdogOM.com, he has a line of meditations to quiet the mind and help many to achieve the life they dream.

Reviews of "OM Sanctuary"
from AMAZON.com

"This Has to be the most enchanting relaxing music I have ever listened to." - Ty

"I listen to OM Sanctuary every morning as I am getting ready for work!" - CG

"My absolute number one chanting meditation track ever!" - Richard P.

"This is the recording you have been looking for. This is just the most hypnotic and relaxing music & chant you have ever heard. This recording is the most common one played during savasana by yoga teachers across the world." - ZK

"So beautiful, so peaceful ... magical I LOVE IT!! I use for myself and with all my clients when teaching them to meditate." - Deborah R.

"This is an excellent compliment to Om Sanctuary, another cd of Oms that I recommend. It is beautiful to play during savasana and/or meditation." - MY

"Love it." - Bonnie M.

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