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The Alchemist

Many times I'll be reading Tarot and the question of self or "ego" arises, and more often than not, the ALCHEMIST card will surface. As one of the more beautiful cards in the Wizard Tarot deck, the Alchemist touches upon the idea of bringing a higher value to one's being through the proper blending of different aspects of ourself.

Now the ego usually gets a bad rap in most circles, but if you don't have enough ego, then you can be a ghost of yourself. Too much, and you'll have a smothering influence. I think we associate it mostly with the "me me me - it's all about ME" state of self-centered imbalance.

This card reminds us that the key is to HARMONIZE your ego or "sense of self" with your heart energy and your soul purpose, so that they are all in alignment with each other and working towards the expression of your best self. It is in this culmination of your highest self that you are ready to serve yourself and others.

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