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Spirit Creates • Mind Plans • Body Acts

When reading Tarot, I like to refer to this simple model that I call the Spirit • Mind • Body Connection. It can be a helpful reminder to us when we seek to accomplish our goals without getting in our own way.

• Spirit is the source of who you are, and creates our desires. This is the spark that we look for to keep moving us forward.

• The Mind is a tool to shape our desires into attainable goals. We build a blueprint of what we know, and how we'd like to proceed.

• The Body is the vessel to enact that plan, and bring it into the world.

Its important to keep these channels clear and flowing into each other. Your inner world translates to the outer world and then back in a continuous cycle to inform & validate through experience. The truth is that we are always in this cycle, some experiences feel like they take a longer time to manifest, others happen in the blink of an eye.

In the Tarot, the cards look to integrate these channels so that one can move to their next level -- where one feels in flow with the course of their life. If a person is feeling blocked in one of the areas, the Tarot often pinpoints where and what the main issues are. Once one knows where their challenges are, they can work to resolve them.

Often times the main challenges lie in the mind, an overactive mind tends to clog up the process, almost creating a Hamster Wheel effect. "What if ... and then what if ... and then what if ...?" One must willingly jump from this spinning wheel and learn the art of trusting one's self. If it doesn't come naturally, then take time, take it slow. Again, its about keeping the channels open and trusting the integrated self to know what is best.

Hopefully in the future we will be able to explore these potentials together in the spirit of serving your highest intentions.

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