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Soul Path Navigation
with Jason D McKean
The Tarot Wizard

Anemone Japan Sessions
June 25th, 2021 -
Virtual Session on ZOOM

The Tarot Wizard will lead you in a
Session to Discover your Soul Path!

Tarot is very helpful in knowing who you are, where you want to go, and where you are actually heading. In addition, this session is very useful for those who want to get rid of their inner limitations and pursue their goals, providing guidance on specific actions.

Jason is passionate about helping clients receive and embody the support that falls from Heaven to Earth through the meanings of Tarot card reading. He draws cards asking you the right questions to guide your energy and actions to the highest potential, as you progress through the session through energy transfer.

The session begins by looking at the deep parts of your life, where you will:

• Explore your dominant characteristics (strengths and weaknesses)

• See where your energy is heading

• Expand the scope of exploration in areas such as work, romance, spiritual growth, etc.

• Ask specific questions. (Ask as many questions as you like as time allows)

** Bonus benefits in Japan **
The last 5 minutes are the time to put your goals into phrases and sing like a mantra. By chanting this phrase over and over again, you'll get into your consciousness and get closer to your goals!.

Who is best served by this session?

• Those who want to know their soul path

• Those looking for a new job or career

• Those who are afraid or anxious and want to overcome the fears

• Those who are looking for a goal

• Those who want to bring love to life

• Those who want to remove the obstacles they are facing

• Those who want to know if they are following the right path

• Those who want to know the direction of motivation

• Those who are not doing something well and want to correct the trajectory

Expected results:

• Get on the soul path and gain new confidence and trust

• Get a deeper understanding of what you are

• Harmony of body, mind and spirit

• Gratitude for the developments you have made so far

• Compassion for yourself and others

• Gain new insights into your responsibilities.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I hope to be able to be of assistance in the future. CONTACT INFO

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All psychic readings are kept confidential and are for entertainment purposes only.

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